Welcome to the future ...

From analog to pure digital …

I do not work like other studios. No Studio room, no Speakers, no downtime. I have owned and worked with the best analog gear in accurate rooms for the past 10 years.  But now I have built a  more innovative and mobile setup.

Your music is my passion.

I am listening ...

… is right now!

The world is changing and so should we.

As Winston S.Churchill put it “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”“ 

My mobile mastering rig, online or on-site, is my studio. A flexible workbench build on experience and cutting-edge tools.

My place or your place?

As a result of innovative technology I can be where you want me to be. At your studio, wherever the country, or online. This is so much better and makes a lot more sense. New technology leads to new techniques and better results. 

Consistency and speed 

My masters have never been more coherent and better sounding than with this modern approach. Through the years, I have completed more than 1300 mix & masters. Working in close cooperation with a broad palette of artists such as Trentemøller (DK)Smerz (NO)Medina (DK), Nik & Jay (DK), Nikke Ankara (FIN)Evelina (FIN), Czesław Śpiewa (POL)Den Sorte Skole (DK),  Atlas Genius (AUS/US)  to name a few.

Upcoming or established?

I work with all genres and all people, signed or unsigned.I frequently work for indie and major labels including XL Recordings, Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music.

Fast and affordable

Strong communication and passion for music makes me able to deliver final mix & masters at a competitive price and above all on time – every time!

My role is to serve as a tool or guide that helps you achieve the result you want. 

I am not an arbiter of taste and perception but rather a taste enhancer. 

My goal is to make your music sound incredible and alive and above all better than you imagined possible! 


Mikkel Engel Gemzøe

Tonmeister, mix & mastering engineer



Let's talk

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Address Nørre Farimagsgade 33, 2 tv, 1364 Kbh K

Email m@varibeat.com

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