Special services

On-site mastering

Why go to a mastering studio, when the mastering studio could come to you? As a result of cutting-edge room sampling techniques, this is now possible . I can bring along my rooms and speaker perceptions without any influence of your acoustic environment. Hence I can stay in my comfort zone and more importantly you can stay in yours.


Audio restoration

Any old media format can be revitalised and enhanced with modern technology and above all with full respect for the original recording. Depending on the quality of the recording and the condition of the medium, different sorts of improvements are possible.


Music production

I continually cooperate with choreographers, directors, companies, artists and performers. My compositions are used as accompaniment for contemporary dance performances and theatre plays. Furthermore I compose music for TV programs and commercials. As a result of my curious mind I have also expanded into the analog and digital gaming world, creating music for both board and video games. Hallelujah!

Sound design

Any sound, any where!
Manipulating sound is a daily passion. From ambient background tones to creating direct tonal colours or functions that are immediately understandable.
My designs provide the auditory cues to effortlessly carry a story line. A great sound design feels natural and coherent and should not poke your ears out.


The positioning of audio sources, naturally or manipulative in the realm of Virtual Reality or 360 video are of tremendous importance. First of all if you need to drive a narrative or story line and secondly to create a true immersive experience. Audio is a powerful way to enhance emotions in VR.

Game audio

I frequently cooperate with game developers. Composing music and sound design for games in non linear environments demand specialised tools and creative solutions. I have the ability to work in Unity and middleware as Wwise and FMOD. I really enjoy the process of creating coherency between sounds and music in games and the challenge of getting the right sound in the right place.